Saturday, 6 October 2012

Paddyfield Warbler (Acrocephalus agricola)

Less then a  week ago, I got amazing views of a Paddyfield Warbler which decided to turn up on the UKs island 'Mecca' of birds. Fair Isle is famous for its quality and quantity of rare and scarce birds especially when the winds turn easterly during the peak migration periods. This Autumn has had a fantastic run of BB (British Birds) Rares delighting many birders, bird watchers, twitchers and wildlife groups that has come to Fair Isle on there Holiday in search of these little gems. Many of them may say that the Paddyfield  Warbler could be one of those special moments they have had while here has you could approach within a few of feet of it. Top views were had by all has it fed around vegetation  by a stone wall next to Stackhoull Stores. Alot of the time, the Warbler was just to close for Binoculars and Cameras. Below is a couple of images which I got has it jumped of  the stone wall for about 15 seconds.

The Paddyfield Warbler is a species of marsh warbler which
breeds in in Central Asia and winters in Pakistan and India.
As you can see, this little bird is along way away from where
it should be. 
For the non-birder, you may wonder whats all the fuss about, its just a little brown bird. To the Birders, its all about little plumage details and at an average weight of 11g, its flew over 6,000 miles to get here which is incredible. To see one on Fair Isle is quite special as the 1st ever record of this species  to be recorded in the UK was found on the island in 1925.

This has got to be my best shot of this little Gem

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