Sunday, 16 September 2012

Turnstone to Twite with the odd Lamb Chucked in too

A vast number of sheep live on Fair isle, so its quite inevitable that their will be some images of  these wooly animals on this blog. I decided to to see what my new camera can do with Black and white photography and Im quite happy with the outcome of the image.

Shetland Lamb
Down on the beach in North Haven, There is still good numbers of waders feeding along the waters edge and quite often you can approach quite close to them. Below is a image of a Turnstone is being curious about what I was doing there.

Turnstone on a Sandy Beach

In stark contrast to the sandy beach in North Haven, Across the causeway in South Haven, Pebbles and Rocks are the main habbitat with alot of washed up seaweed. The next image is also that of a Turnstone of which they can be much harder to see.

Turnstone on a Pebble Beach
Twites are a small brown finches with a forked tails which usally grace the feeders. To look at a flock of Twite, they look like little brown jobs which is not much  to look at, but when you look closely at an  individual, they have lovely  markings with different buffs and browns. We have good numbers that breed in shetland and are a must see bird to have on you bird list.

Twite waiting for his turn on the feeder
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