Sunday, 2 September 2012

The New Camera......Christmas must of come early!!

Yesterday of the afternoon plane, A parcel had arrived of which I did not know that I was getting it until about 4 days ago. A Nikon  D60 with a Sigma 150-500mm automactic lens had gone on sale in Shetland, I thought this is a oppotunity not to be missed  so I decided to purchase it.

All day today I spent my time with my new toy photographing Waders on the beach and it felt Like all my Birthdays and Christmas's had rolled in to one....WOW!!.....I Love it !!!

Below is a few pictures That I took today. The weather and lighting was not very good but I still managed to get to decent images.


Ringed Plover


All my Images have been downsized

Becki Rosser Photography

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