Wednesday 19 September 2012

Dalmatian Portaits

I have a fun loving Dalmatian who loves having his photograph Taken. Below is a few images of my spotty hound in different surroundings. My aim is to try to capture and photograph different expressions.

My first attempt at this type of portrait photo, Through advice, I have tweeked it a little. I have cloned out the white patch on his ear so it was less distracting from its eye. I have made the eye brighter so it lures you in alot more.
Im quite happy with happy to say Im no expert!!

This image was taken on a lovely cool winters day, There was a lot of snow on the ground
which reflected of the dogs Black and white fur which I thought he stud out alot more against the
woodland surroundings

Here we happen to find a resting spot where the sun was filtering through the trees.
It was late afternoon on a cool February day where the sun was not as bright.

This photo has a lovely story to it.
I headed to the bus stop not realising that the front door did not shut propally. About half way there, I could hear some tiny tapping on the pavement behind me so I looked back only to find the spotty hound (with a certain sneaky look about him) following me. I just loved the fact that you could tell he knew excatly what he was doing (normally he will like to be in front)........ I missed the bus but He defintley made me smile!!

You can tell who is top dog on this photo.
I just love the expression on both of there faces.
All my Images have been downsized




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