Sunday, 10 June 2012

Da Wheatear

The Northern Wheatear is a long distance migrant which breeds in the UK and winters south of the Sahara Desert in Africa. Summer is the best time to photograph these small hardy migrants.

A female Northern Wheatear
poses on a lichen covered stone wall
on Fair Isle, Shetland.

Wheatear, Taken at Double Dyke, Fair Isle, Shetland

I discovered she was hanging around with her mate
of which they had a nest in the stone wall.

The next two photos were pretty random photos of male Wheatears which I thought stood out.

This Male Chicks had just fledged was trying to
distract me away from them.

A Wheatear in the evening light
 where I have incroporated poster edges
making the photograph much more interesting.
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Becki Rosser Photography.

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